Retired cop loses debt case

Written by on August 13, 2019


THE Chilenje Local Court has dismissed a case in which a retired police officer of New Chilenje is claiming K225 debt from a woman of the same area for lack of evidence.

Marlon Mbewe, 77 sued Faidess Lungu,39 also of the same area to recover the same money which he lent her three months ago.

Mbewe told senior local magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local magistrate Harriet Mbewe that he knew Lungu from the time she was a young girl.

He said he lent K255 cash to Lungu three months ago which she has failed to pay back.  “I lent her K255 because she told me that she wasn’t paid and needed the money urgently. I visited her at her work place to ask for money and she disrespected me. She openly refused to give me the money,

“We didn’t sign an agreement but I lent her the money because she had assured me of paying it back,” he said.

In her defense, Lungu said she came to know Mbewe while they were standing outside her work place with her friend.

She said Mbewe often visited her and gave her money for free.

“He used to give me and my friend K5 each. The other time he even gave my boss a K5.He used to give us money to buy food during lunch, sometimes even breakfast,

“One day he came around and found me sleeping on a mat at my workplace while my friend was sitting on a chair. He came and lay on top of me but I pushed him off and chased him. I informed my boss about what happened,” she said.

She did not report him to the police because of his age, adding that later Mbewe started coming to her workplace to insult and asking her to return the money he used to give her.

 “The highest amount he gave me was K50 and it was for free.  I don’t owe him money. He is just bitter because I did not allow him to have sex with me,

“He is someone who gives money to anyone he meets on the streets, even small children,” she said.

The court dismissed the case for lack of evidence.

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