PnP Coordinator charged K7,000 for ‘damage’

Written by on August 7, 2019


A 26 year-old Pick and Pay Coordinator has been sued in the Chelstone Local Court for impregnating a 21 year-old girl but later failed to provide support to.

This is a matter in which Bertha Kamanga, 45, of Lusaka’s Kamanga Township, sued Briton Mandumandu, of Kamwala South, for compensation for impregnating her daughter.

Kamanga told presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that Mr Mandumandu had also failed to provide support to her daughter after impregnating her.

“I want him to compensate me so that I take my daughter to school, we tried to sit down but nothing has materialised because he doesn’t pick up my calls whenever I phone him,” she said.

“We charged him K8, 000 but he has only paid K1, 000 hence my coming to court,” she said.

But Mr Mandumandu told court he did not refuse to pay the money but only wished to pay it in instalments.

“I can only manage giving her K500 every month. I can’t manage K1, 000 because I have other responsibilities as well,” he said.

Mr Mandumandu said, “I am not intending to marry her because she is getting married to another man, and apart from that I have been supporting my son.”

The court, in passing judgement, ordered Mr Mandumandu to compensate Kamanga K7, 000, beginning with the first installment of K2, 000 at the end of September and monthly payments of K500 thereafter.

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