K36,000 ‘jackpot’ wrecks marriages – man deserts family after winning Bola Bet

Written by on May 16, 2019


A LUSAKA man chased his wife of 15 years after wining K36,000 from football betting.

Annie Zulu, 24, told the Matero Local Court her husband, Rodgers Zulu, 32, became elusive after minting gold through soccer betting.

“He won K36,000 with Bola Bet and chased me from home for three months. He only gave me a K2,000 and used the rest. After his money was finished he sent someone to come and ask me to forgive him,” Annie testified. 

She sued him for reconciliation. 

The two were appearing before magistrate Miyanda Banda.

They got married in 2004 with one child and have been on separation since March.

Annie told the court that Rodgers had a lover with whom he had a child.

“Our son was involved in an accident and was hospitalised for a month. Rodgers only came to see him three times.

“Even when we were discharged he did not send us transport money. He said he had no money,” she said. 

Rodgers asked her to go and live with her sister because he didn’t have a job, but Annie refused.

“His lover brought a child and told me how she had even slept in our house three times when my child was in hospital. When I asked him about her he beat me up. I even went to the police for safety,” Annie said.

She told the court that Rodgers stopped leaving money for food and started sleeping in the living room.

He stopped talking to her for a month and later told her to get some household items and leave.

But Rodgers told the court that he did not chase Annie.

He said she left him because he was unemployed.

“I was doing some piece work and getting paid K30 per day. I would give it to her for food but she would tell me to use it for my transport. Yes, I have a lover who has my son, but I didn’t bring her to our home,” he said. 

Rodgers said he stayed for a month without visiting his mistress which was why she brought her child to his home.

“She knows that I have a wife and after that Annie did not give me a chance to explain. I found that she had packed saying she wanted to leave. I love her very much.

“The reason I went to another woman was because she would not serve me or even prepare water for me to bath. I would always find her sleeping at 19:00 hours. We are both men in the house,” Rodgers said.

The court ruled that there was no love in the marriage and chastised Rodgers for being irresponsible and uncaring.

“You don’t love your wife. You just torment her and want to make her suffer. Even the money you won you should have sat down with her to make a budget. If you become greedy nothing can work out. You can’t do anything on your own,” magistrate Banda said.

She said the court had not found any problem with Annie.

“Your love towards her just finished.

Even your words show. You don’t even have the heart to visit your child and take food. The  reconciliation has failed either party can sue for divorce,” said magistrate Banda.

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