Mother sues son over witch remarks

Written by on May 13, 2019

LUCY PHIRI writes                                        

A WOMAN of Lusaka has sued her biological son for calling her a witch, as a Prophet told him.

She said her son called her a witch and threatened to kill her with an axe.

This is a case which came before Chelstone senior local court magistrate Charity Milambo sitting with presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale.

 In a matter Agnes Mumba, 76, of Chelstone sued her son Laston Lungu, 43, a business man of Kamanga Township for defamation of character.

“My own son calls me a witch, that I am the one bewitching her daughter who is sick. We are not in good terms with him such that he has not spoken to me for a year and some months now

“Upon hearing rumours that he calls me a witch and tells everyone that I am the one behind his daughter’s sickness I became sick and since them I have been feeling sick,” she said.

“We are tired of calling him for a family meeting so that he can at least take me to the same pastor who told him that I am a witch for deliverance but he still doesn’t show up.

First Lungu’s witness said was early this year his brother’s wife took her sick daughter to a certain prophet here in Lusaka who told her that the one behind the child’s sickness was her mother in-law.

“My brother called me and my sister so as to hear for ourselves about the confession the girl made whilst she was been prayed upon. The pastor showed us the video and called Mom a witch, that she was behind my niece’s sickness of which I never agreed to, he said.

In defence, Lungu said it wasn’t him who called her mother a witch but the Prophet was the one who prophesied when he went to seek for help.

In submission, Mumba said she wanted court to counsel her son and to reconcile them because despite everything he still remained her son who should respect her as his mother.

Upon hearing from both sides, court reconciled Lungu adding that these are the last days, and asked him what the Bible says about the signs of true and fake prophets.

The court however reconciled the warring parties.

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