Businessman fined K7, 000 for adultery

Written by on May 10, 2019

A LUSAKA businessman who readily admitted having sex with another man’s wife has been fined K7, 000 for adultery.
This was in a matter in which Christopher Mulenga,33, a businessman of Hillview was sued by Chrispin Shane,38, also a businessman of Chalala after he caught him red handed having sex with wife.
Shane explained that he married his wife in 2012 at a village in Petauke but later shifted to Lusaka
“We used to live in harmony but disputed begun when my wife started work in 2018 and completely changed in behaviour. There was no peace in our house. She started hanging out with a female friend, who wasn’t married,
“We continued having disputes until she threw my clothes outside the house saying she did not want me anymore,” he said.
He said one night, around 21.00 hours she found his children playing outside the house.
His wife chased them away because she and her friend invited men in the house.
“I did not go there immediately to confirm what I saw. I went there the next day around 05:00 hours. When I arrived, I found my wife naked with Mulenga on the bed, they were having sex,
“I informed my aunt and friend of what had happened and I later took my wife and her lover to police Victim Support Unit,” he said. I want him to compensate me for having sex with my wife,” he said.
The two were appearing before senior presiding local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with magistrate Patrick Nyirenda.
In defence Mulenga explained that before he started a relationship with Shane’s wife, she told him the she was not married and had no children.
Mulenga said one weekend he decided to visit Shane’s wife to discuss the way forward of their relationship.
“I went to her house on Sunday and stayed there until the following morning when Shane came and found me,” he said.
“We had sex that night. He asked me if I was the one sleeping with his wife. I told him that it was my first time visiting her,” he said.
He said at that point Shane quickly rushed out of the house to call his aunt and friend and their after Mulenga and Shane’s wife were taken to victim support unit.
The court ordered Mulenga to pay Shane K7,000 penalty for adultery.

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