Wife dumps hubby for impregnating two women

Written by on May 9, 2019


A NDOLA woman has divorced her husband for abandoning her and the child for six years and impregnating two other women.

She said from the time her husband left her in the village after they married to start a business in town, he never communicated with her and only heard rumours of where he lived.

Ndekazi Langa, 28,of Twapia Township sued her husband Noah Mbuto a 31-year-old business man of Chipulukusu for divorce.

She told the court that they got married in 2010 and has one child together.

They lived well until 2012 when her husband started seeing another woman in the same chiefdom.

Ms Langa said her husband used to get her clothes and Chitenge materials to impress the other woman.

“When we sat as a family to sort out our differences, I asked him to stop getting my clothes to give other women but he was furious and went to live in chiefdom,” she said.

The case was before Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

Ms Langa said after the husband came back, they reconciled and he told her that he wanted to go to Nakonde to establish a business.

He then asked her to borrow money from some villagers as they would assist her since she had a farm.

“I managed to get the money for him. When he was leaving, he gave me a contact number for his friend where he was going to be living in Nakonde,” she said.

She said he did not communicate in a long time after he had left, forcing her to call the number he left but his friend told her that her husband was not with him in Nakonde.

Ms Langa said she later discovered that her husband did not go to Nakonde but moved to a different chiefdom where he impregnated two women.

After that, she learnt that her husband was living in Lusaka and had married another woman.

Ms Langa said when she completed her studies, she decided to call him so that they could discuss how to look after their child but he told her that he was not in Lusaka.

She discovered that he had moved to Ndola and had married another woman in Chipulukusu with whom he had two children.

Ms Langa said she had never been with her husband for six years and that since he decided to leave her, she wanted to divorce him so that she could be free.

In defence Mbuto said he lived well with his wife and when life became difficult, they went to live with her family.

He said he then decided to marry another woman because he thought his wife had moved on with life.

The court granted divorce on grounds that the two had been living separately for six years and that the man had already married another woman.

The court ordered Mbuto to compensate Langa with K4,000 with the first instalment of K500 there after K200 monthly and to pay K300 per month as child maintenance.

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