Woman hooked to wine divorced

Written by on May 8, 2019


AN alcoholic wife who loved drinking red wine, has lost her marriage in the Matero local court after she was successfully sued for divorce by her husband.

Michael Muka,31 of Chunga sued his wife Memory Malunga,22, for divorce for seriously taking to the bottle
The two were appearing before Magistrate Miyanda Banda.
The heard that the two got married in 2011, have two children and have been on separation under one roof for 3 months.

Muka told the court that he never knew that Malunga was a sot they got married.
“But later I always found Malunga drunk; that is the problem I have with her, after she sweeps she goes to drink wine. Even when she is doing house chores she drinks and insults me in front of people,
“She would tell me to cook for her when I come back from work she says she can’t cook for me, only yesterday I bathed and cooked for the kid’s,” said Muka

In defence Malunga told the court that when she met Muka she did not hide the fact that she was hooked to the bottle.
“When we met I was a maid. He asked if I take alcohol and I agreed and he told me that he smoked cigarettes. He beats me when he comes back from work, he does not even leave money for food, there is no sex in our marriage because he sleeps on the chair and I sleep in the bedroom,
“This is why I drink beer. He also tells me that he has another woman that feels like a woman. I usually go for piece work in the morning near the wine place and I don’t buy the alcohol I am Just given by a friend. I mainly drink because of pressure and I do not even get drunk,: said Malunga

But Magistrate Banda told Malunga that she needed to control herself, and do something positive in her life.
“You are so young and what you are drinking will affect your body parts. You need to respect each other, each one has obligations towards the other, and you can even be abused sexually while drinking alcohol,
“There is no love, divorce has been granted; no one will compensate the other because you have equally contributed to this mess,” said Magistrate Banda

He said the children will remain with their mother but Muka should maintain them with monthly fee of K600 effective this month end.
“ You will buy their clothes, pay for their education and health care and you have access to see them said the court ” said Magistrate Banda.

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