TO: Firemen & Women Lusaka City council Fire Brigade LUSAKA

Written by on May 5, 2019


My best year 2019 Labour Day regards, greetings and appreciation to all Firemen and Firewomen at Lusaka City Council Fire Brigade for the help and services you render in protecting us the public in emergency situations.

Surely you respond to a wide variety of calls, such as car crashes, chemical spills, flooding, water rescue and general rescue as well as fires.

You are heroes. You may not feel like you are, but I can promise you that there are little boys or girls looking up to you.

The little boys and girls who show respect in streets / roads of Lusaka in our communities when they hear sirens of a fire truck passing in high speed rushing to save life or lives.

As a citizen of mother Zambia and a resident of Lusaka with a young brother who is a fireman I have the utmost respect for your profession which requires sacrifice and bravery.

Every Christians or let me just say any human being fears to go to hell because of the fire that burns forever as we are preached in our churches.

However, some of the fires you go in to rescue people can be compared to hell fire, but because of your bravery you risk you lives to save other lives.

When you became firemen / women you accomplished the greatest act of bravery. Indeed you are brave men/ women who often risk your own lives that someone else in danger might live.
Thank you for spending countless hours at the Lusaka firehouse.

Thank you for sleepless nights to help save lives and property in Lusaka. Thank you for being so selfless that you do not even think twice when you run into a burning building.

Thank you. Thank you for constantly running towards what others run from. Thank you for saving so many lives and property.

Thank you for being an important part of the community. Firemen / women, whether paid or not, make an incredible difference in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great service.

Again, thank you for staying strong. Being firemen / women is not an easy job. There are physical and emotional demands that can take a toll on you, let these not carry you away from your work of saving lives and property.

Work done well brings a sense of personal accomplishment as you put your God-given talents and abilities to use as brave firemen and women; so far you have done well.

Lacking some essential equipment should not make you fail to overcome very tough emergencies but use your talents and skills attained from your trainings to overcome challenges.

I am really proud of your service.


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