‘Insultant’ neighbour fined K1,000

Written by on May 4, 2019


A 19-YEAR-OLD woman has been fined K1,000 by a Ndola court for insults and defamation of character.

Jennifer Mwape of Masala Township was dragged to court for compensation for showering her neighbour with insults and defaming her.

Brenda Mbala, a 36-year-old marketeer of Masala Township, brought the case before Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

She told the court that on April 18 this year her children picked a quarrel with Jennifer’s sister and the two exchanged bitter words.

Ms Mbala said she told her children to go and apologise to Mwape, but that when they went she chased them and told them that they were involved in witchcraft.

She said they children, however, reconciled with Mwape and the two families continued living in peace as they were opposite neighbours.
“One day we sat outside with my daughter around 20:00 hours when Ms Mwape came and started insulting them,” Ms Mbala said.

She said she and her children went to consult their pastor, who tried to control Mwape, but she insulted him as well.
Ms Mbala said she decided to take Mwape to court because it was not the first time she was insulting her.

In her statement, Mwape said she did not insult Ms Mbala and was shocked that she had brought the matter to court.
She said the only reason Ms Mbala had brought her to court was that she wanted revenge on her family for taking her to court when she assaulted her young brother.

“She just wants to get back the money she paid when she assaulted my brother. I have never insulted her but she just wants to take revenge against us,” she said.

The court ordered Ms Mwape to compensate Ms Mbala K1,000 for insulting her, to be paid in monthly instalments of K200.
It also ordered the two families to live in total peace for a period of three years

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