Housewife admits illicit sex with married neighbour

Written by on May 2, 2019



A 20-year-old housewife in Ndola has told a local court that she has had sexual intercourse on many occasions with her neighbour, who promised to divorce his wife and marry her.

Victoria Mwale said Charles Sichinga used to send a small boy to call her, but she would refuse saying she was a married woman and the man too was married.

She said however that she gave in after Sichinga pestered her on several occasions while her husband Madison Ngosa was away on all occasions.

She was testifying as a witness in a case her husband was claiming compensation for adultery against Sichinga.

Ngosa sued Sichinga alleging that he had been having sex with his wife and was demanding compensation. Both came with their wives as witnesses in the case.

Mwale insisted that Sichinga had sex with her on several occasions, although he was refusing in court.

“I have slept with him on many occasions. He told me he loved me and that he wanted to divorce his wife because she was a prostitute,” she said.

She said Sichinga was lying that he did not know her only because he was afraid of his wife.

Sichinga had told the court that he did not know the woman and that he had never seen her before because he was hardly at his home.

The case came before Kabushi local court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

Ngosa alleged that Sichinga, his neighbour, has been sleeping with his wife, hence sued him for compensation for committing adultery.

He told the court that he married Ms Mwale in 2014 and they have one child together.

r Ngosa said that problems started last year when he noticed a change in his wife’s behaviour.

He said one day he found some recordings in his wife’s phone where they promised not to leave each other and to continue with their love.

“At first I was not convinced that the two of them were seeing each other until Sichinga’s wife brought my wife to court that she found them hugging and kissing at a bar,” he said.

He said when he asked his wife, she admitted being in a relationship with Sichinga.

In his statement, Sichinga said he did not commit adultery with Ngosa’s wife as he had never even met her before.

He said the only reason Ngosa had sued him was because his wife had won a case against Mwale.

“I only used to hear rumours that my wife was fighting with a certain woman at a market because she used to insult her. I don’t even know his wife because I am never found home most of the time,” he said.

Mervis Labule, who is Sichinga wife, told the court that she had never found her husband committing adultery with Ngosa’s wife.

She said when she approached Ngosa’s wife, she refused that she did not date her husband and that after she won a case in which she sued her for compensation of insults, Ngosa and his wife decided to take revenge on her husband.

In passing judgment, the court dismissed the case on grounds that Ngosa did not have sufficient evidence and that he had never found his wife with Sichinga together.

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