Taxi driver fined k15,000 for adultery

Written by on April 29, 2019


Peter Chisanga, 31, a taxi driver of Kalingalinga township of Lusaka has been slapped with a K15, 000 fine as compensation for sleeping with another man’s wife.

This is a case before Chelstone local court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala in a matter in which Active Chisamu, 32, a business man of the same area sued his friend for compensation for adultery. He alleges that the defendant had sex with his wife on one occasion despite knowing that she was married.

‘’It was on Sunday 21st April, 2019 when I was at the plot and my brother called me to come back home so I could park my car properly so as to give way. When I got home I tried to rest sitting next to my wife’s phone and I could hear some sounds of message tones on her phone and when I tried to check found some messages from a man’s number which read, “I saw your husband going out, what time is he coming back?” And I responded pretending to be my wife and agreed where we could meet from and time of meeting,’’ he said.

‘’I then went to my wife and asked her what was happening, she denied everything and  I became furious and slapped her. That was when she accepted. I then told her about everything that happened and that we should go together to meet the man whom I had been communicating with through her phone,’’ he told court.

He further told court that his wife confessed and asked for forgiveness when they sat with the family to sort out all the issues and after that, he told her to remain with her parents until he calmed down.

He said both her and her boyfriend confessed having sex together and he had a recording which he produced in to court.

In defense, Chisanga said when he was proposing plaintiff’s wife she told him that she was single and divorced, and that her husband even married another woman.

‘’I did not confess sleeping with his wife he just forced me to say yes and threatened to beat me if I refused to answer,’’ he said

Chisamu’s wife however, confessed that the Chisanga proposed love to her and that the two had sex at a lodge.

‘’We used a condom and I don’t really know what entered me because my husband provides everything I need and I have never lacked a thing,’’ she said.

In submission, Chisamu told the court that he was confused and did not know what to do because he never expected that treatment from her and asked court to help him.

The Court found out that defendant  committed adultery because evidence was   clear and ruled that defendant should pay plaintiff  K15,000 as compensation for causing adultery.

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