Livingstone’s Malota Compound boiling

Written by on April 25, 2019


RESIDENTS of Malota compound in Livingstone have complained of noise pollution caused by some illicit bars that have continued to boom in the area.

The concerned residents said that the lack of measures by the Livingstone City Council (LCC) to regulate noise from illegal drinking places in the area was turning the compound into a weird place.

One of the concerned residents, Misheck Mundia said that something should to be done as soon as possible to stop the vice in the area.

Mr. Mundia complained that the illicit bars had brought more harm than good in the area as the number of criminal cases had skyrocketed.

“Most of these bars sell a local liquor commonly known as kachasu which is prohibited by the council and we wonder why they have not been closed yet. We do not even have peace in this area anymore because bars open as early o6.00 hours in the morning and close as late as 22:00 hours,” he said.

He said that the area was also a home for young gangs commonly known as junkies that had been terrorizing people for some time now.

He said that intoxicated with cheap beer from the area, they behave in an unruly manner and insulted innocent people.

He said that the need to bring down such activities by closing those bars could not be overemphasized.

 “I have observed that Malota has become a breeding ground for all kinds of illicit behavior and this has not spared the young people, a situation that is worrying to us parents because mostly our children grow up seeing such things happening,” Mr. Mundia said.

And Living City Council public relations manager, Kelvin Mukela said that the council will in no time crack down on all illegal drinking places

Mr. Mukela said that his office was aware of the illegalities the area was involved in, stressing that it will not just sit idle but act when the time was right.

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