2 co-administrators at loggerheads

Written by on April 23, 2019


THE Boma Local Court has advised co-administrators to take their differences to from the Magistrates subordinate court over the administration of deceased estates.
This was in a case in which Abel Mula, 32 a businessman of Chunga sued his co-administrator George Chikolwa, 30, a lawyer, for reconciliation over the deceased estates.
Mr Mula told Senior Local Court Magistrate Gaston Kalala that following the death of his brother Victor Chikolwa in October, 2018, Mr George Chikolwa went to Chilenje Local Court with the late’s children where he was chosen as an administrator.
“We later had him revoked. At this point he and I were chosen as administrators. We were told how to share and we shared duties but my co-administrator was not cooperating with me. The late left 5 children and I suggested that I’ll get 2 and my co-administrator 3,” Mr Mula said
He further stated that one time when they went to the bank to for the salary, Mr George Chikolwa told him to just take charge of the children and he would handle the other issues.
“The late left debt of K1, 745.00, my co-administrator said he would send the money, 3 salaries have come in and the first time he did not send anything, the second time he sent but the third time he did not. From December till date,” Mr Mula stated.
He also said Mr Chikolwa did not want the parents of the deceased to get the 30% that the court ordered they should get.
“In February, we received K5, 000, when the late’s parents were mentioned, Mr Chikolwa went as far as even grabbing the money from the bank manager,” Mr Mula stated.
Mr Chikolwa then told the court that he shared the same father with the late and Mr Mula shared the same mother with the late.
“In court after Mr Mula and I were chosen as administrators, we were told that 70% of the estate would go to the children, 20% to the parents and 10% for our day to day use and running of the household,” Mr Chikolwa said
He further stated that they have been to court on several occasions because of differences and that Mr Mula did not understand the terms of distribution of estates.
The court advised either of the parties to sue in the subordinate court.

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