Opposition threatening to boycott National Dialogue Forum on flimsy grounds – Lubinda

Written by on April 22, 2019

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has refuted claims that the membership composition of the National Dialogue Forum is tilt towards favoring the Patriotic Front PF.

Some stakeholders have threatened to boycott the forum based on such claims, but Mr. Lubinda explains that the National Dialogue Act only proves that these are flimsy excuses being made by such stakeholders.

Mr. Lubinda says to the contrary, each of the five political parties with parliamentary representation will send two delegates to the forum, while 42 representatives will attend on behalf of parties without representation bringing the total to 52 of which only two will represent the PF.

Mr. Lubinda has since questioned those alleging that the composition of the forum is queued towards the PF and also denies that much of the members are civil servants likely to favor the ruling party.

He explains that the total number of government representatives will be 35 against 64 who will be representing civil societies and N.G.O’s with 20 delegates representing the ten identified churches.

The National Dialogue Forum sitting starts on Tuesday to discuss four key National issues which include the Public order Act, electoral reforms and the constitutional amendments among others.

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