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Diana Nsofwa writes 

A LUSAKA man has been ordered by the Matero local court  to pay K10,000 for damaging the virginity of a grade 12 pupil.
Hildah Mulalila, 52, of Mpika sued Samson Nkhoma, 24, of Mandevu for taking away her daughters virginity and staying with her without paying bridal price. 
The matter came up before magistrate Pauline Newa.
Mulalila told the court that she got to know Nkhoma after she found out that he had taken her daughter without her consent. 

“She was in school here in Lusaka and he impregnated her when she was in her second term of grade 12. I was called by her guardians and when I reached we called Nkhoma’s relatives so that we could sit down and talk.  We asked them to pay for her school fees because her guardians said they could not continue paying because she had disappointed them,” she told the court.

“She wrote her exams but has not collected the results because she has not been given the money.  He has not paid anything towards her bride price and he even beats her. I want them to pay K10,000,” said Mulalila. 
Nkhoma told the court that he did not damage the juvenile from her place but she came to his residence. 
“She came alone to my house and she told me that she was chased.  I even told my parents about it. We went to see her relatives but they refused to get her back so I went back with her and she eventually got pregnant,” he said.
“When they wanted to charge me I had stopped working and that is how I received court summons,” said Nkhoma.
The juvenile told the court that she is not with Nkhoma anymore because he beats her.

“He made me sleep out so I was chased from home and told to go back to where I was, that is how I started staying with him,” said the juvenile.

“Damage is sleeping with another person’s child without the consent of parents.  You will compensate Mulalila with K10,000 for damage effective 30 April and you will also ensure that you support the child,” the Magistrate ruled.

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