50 trucks intercepted with K42.3 Million salaula and cooking oil

Written by on April 16, 2019

The Zambia Revenue Authority has intercepted 50 trucks carrying Ethanol, Cooking oil and Salaula (second hand clothes) worth K42.3 million in taxes.

The trucks have been issued with seizure notices in accordance with section 141 and 142 Chapter 322 of the Customs and Excise Act for breaking the law.

Out of these trucks, 8 were transporting ethanol but deliberately declared as methanol with intent to defraud the state of over K10.9 million kwacha in taxes.

Ethanol is 98% alcohol that is used in the manufacturing of high content alcohol known as Tujilijili, Junta and other dangerous alcoholic spirits when diluted.

 These alcoholic spirits are usually sold cheaply in the streets and in most cases to children with consequential health hazards.

Further, 34 trucks currently held at the ZRA Makeni Enforcement Centre were intercepted while transporting cooking oil misclassified as palm crude oil when in fact it is purified cooking oil ready for consumption.

And in a related development another 8 trucks have been seized at Chanida border and are being transferred to the Makeni Enforcement Centre.

The fraud would have led to loss of K24.7 million.

And Finally, 6 trucks have been seized for misclassifying secondhand clothes as agricultural pumps with intent to defraud the state of K6.7 million kwacha.

Zambia Revenue Authority Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda has confirmed the development to Millennium Radio news.

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