Underage drinking torments Kuomboka residents

Written by on April 11, 2019

RESIDENTS of Kuomboka compound in Lusaka have challenged the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to address the issue of underage drinking in the area.
They complained that most people that found to be drinking in many bars in the area were young boys and girls who sometimes entered those premises in their school uniforms.
One of the concerned residents, Micah Lumbo complained that it was worrying to see young school going children patronising bars among other places meant for adults.
She wondered how school going children could be allowed into beer drinking places in their uniforms and most times the7y stayed there until very late in the night.
Ms. Lumbo questioned the relevance and dignity of drinking places that allowed young patrons inside their premises.
“What is the council doing to stop this vice and why are they not prosecuting bar owners who break the law and allow young people to access their drinking places?” she asked.
She said that the council should as quickly as possible strengthen its by- laws and ensure that there was sanity in that area.
Another resident James Daka also called on parents to ensure that they watched their children closely so that they did not end up in wrong places.
Mr. Daka said that it was disappointing and heart breaking at the same time to see how children wasting their time and lives by taking to alcohol in a big way.

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