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A VIOLENT Kabanana Compound housewife who attempted to stab her husband with a knife has lost her marriage in the Boma Local Court after being  awarded K13,000.

This is in a matter in which Billiat Phiri,38, teacher of Kafue sued his wife Alice Banda,30 for divorce for violence and gross misunderstandings in their marriage

Phiri told Senior Local Court Magistrate Silvia Kabunda, that he married Banda in 2004 but problems in their marriage started in 2008 when she accused him of having a girlfriend and attempted to stab him with a knife.

“I grabbed the knife from her and we differed after that. She then went to her family but after some time we reconciled and moved on,” said Phiri

He said however that in 2009, Banda continued accusing him of being promiscuous and at one time she attempted to commit suicide with a belt but luckily he saw her in time and saved her life.“Another time we received my relatives from the village. She broke my phone in the presence of my relatives. They decided to leave our house because of the tension in the house. We’ve been on separation and I do not love her anymore. I want a divorce,” Phiri told the court.

In defence Banda denied the allegations of trying to stab her husband or trying to commit suicide. She told the court that they had a happy marriage in the beginning but as time went on, he stopped providing for the family.

“He stopped giving me money or buying me clothes. He stopped buying clothes for ten children as well and would only buy things for himself at home,” said Banda

She also told the court that when Phiri’s relatives visited their home, he received a call and went to answer his phone from outside.

“I followed him and heard that he was talking to his girlfriend. I heard him telling her that he loves her. I grabbed his phone, he pushed me and I fell on the floor and threw his phone. That is how his phone broke,” said Banda

But Banda despite all that she still loved her husband and did not want a divorce.

The court found that the love was one sided in the marriage. Divorce was granted and Magistrate Kabunda ordered Phiri to compensate Banda with K13, 000.

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