FAZ cautions AGM candidates

Written by on April 7, 2019



PROSPECTIVE candidates to the 2020 elective annual general meeting (AGM) should familiarize themselves with the 2017 amended constitution, says FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

Kamanga said members needed to pay attention to the constitution as it spelt out their entitlements.

He was speaking during the Lusaka Provincial conference held at East Moon Hotel.

“Next year we have elections, and I must impress upon you as members to be very familiar with the constitution, because that is where you draw your rights,’

‘’But of course there are limits, those who go out of line will be punished but I do not expect that those things will be happening,” he said.

Kamanga said his executive was striving for equal representation in the national executive committee by having a representative from each province.

“We expect that you are going to work very hard, those of you who feel strong enough to be able to compete in the elections, I think the process will be opened up and you will all be told what the process is going to be like.” said Kamanga

He said the 2017 amended constitution provided for equal representation for all regions in Zambia.

He further said that the national representation would help all the corners of the country to have a say in the manner the game was being managed.

“One of the key areas is for us to strive for equal representation. If you look at where we are coming from, the FAZ executive was comprised of members mostly from Lusaka and Copperbelt, but in the 2017 adopted constitution we have gone back to you,” he said.

“Each province will now have the right to elect a chairperson who is going to automatically sit on the FAZ executive committee. The reason is simple, we want to make sure that all the provinces are covered, there is adequate representation and we get closer to the needs of the members in all parts of Zambia,” he said.

The FAZ president said power was being taken back to the people in the provinces as seen through the setting of provincial offices.

“In line with the 2017 amended constitution, we have also taken it upon ourselves to decentralize the activities of FAZ where we have now seen the setting of FAZ offices in all the 10 provinces,’’ he said.

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