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RESIDENTS of Mazabuka have appealed to the Road Development Agency (RDA) to immediately rehabilitate the Lusaka-Mazabuka Lusaka road.

The residents on told The Sun on Tuesday the road in its current deplorable state was a death trap.

One of the residents, Nalishebo Nalishebo, said the road has for a long time been in a deplorable state and government has done nothing to rectify the situation despite the calls from people.

Mr Nalishebo observed that the continued failure by government to repair on the Mazabuka road was capable of portraying a wrong message to people.

He said some people may think that government was reluctant to repair the road because it was situated in an opposition-headed constituency.

“This is definitely how some people may look at it because it does not make sense as to why government cannot repair the road up to now,” he said.

He observed that the need to urgently upgrade the Lusaka –Mazabuka road cannot be overstated because the road stretch is of great economic benefit to the nation.

Mr Nalishebo said, the road leads to the tourist capital, Livingstone, and most people would like to use it to go and view the Victoria Falls for instance.

“It is being unfair to Zambian, and to tourists, to subject them to use a dilapidated road. Not everyone can afford an air ticket. The road needs to be worked on urgently,” he said.

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