Abusive husband divorced

Written by on April 3, 2019


THE Chelstone Local Court has granted to divorce to a Lusaka woman whose husband had turned her into a punching bag even over little misunderstandings.
Cedah Mukoma,42, of Ibex Hill told the court, that her husband Pascal Mupinde,57, of the same area always beat her and failed to dialogue or explain why he beats her when reported to the police.
Mukoma told local court magistrate Mary Namangala that her husband of 15 years was so violent that he beat her for no reason, adding that she had never known peace in her own house.
She further told the court that her husband was an abusive man generally, and that she lived like she was in prison hence the decision to divorce him.
“My husband doesn’t even allow my friends to reach our house and he doesn’t respect my family as well.
“Our son is also affected because of our quarrels in the house, he is in grade nine but his performance has gone down,” Mukoma said
She also explained that worst part of her pains was that Mupinde refused to pay dowry, ‘so I thought why should I continue to stay with such a person?’.
In defence, Mupinde said the only problem he faced with his wife was that she was too arrogant and aggressive.
“I know I have a short temper, yes I beat her because of her arrogance and so I am just suggesting that we both go for psychosocial counselling because we all have faults,” Mupinde said.
Magistrate Namangala ruled that the parties were both free because there was no marriage since dowry was not paid.
“This marriage is rendered null and void, therefore the application for divorce is forthwith dismissed for the above reason,” she said.

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