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FAZ Ethics Committee chairperson Kephas Katongo says the FIFA bans on some Zambian nationals for unethical conduct are denting the image of the country.
And Katongo says candidates for the 2020 FAZ elections will have to pass an Integrity Test as prescribed by FIFA Statutes.

During a media briefing at Football House, Katongo who is a lawyer by profession said if the Ethics Committee had been put in place earlier as guided by FIFA the bans for unethical conduct may have been avoided.

The Ndola based lawyer who was flanked by committee members Mark Hansingo and Andrew Ng’ambi said the life ban on former FAZ vice president Boniface Mwamelo was saddening to the football fraternity.

“Of late you have been hearing about our many brothers who are finding themselves at crossroads with the international law relating to FIFA. This not good for our country, it is not good for the image of our association and it is basically the reason why the Ethics Committee has been put in place both at FIFA and FAZ,” he said.
“It is the duty of the Ethics Committee to ensure that we nip in the bud some of these gross irregularities we are seeing happening at international level.”

He added: “As a country, answering to a lot of these irregular things, is actually embarrassing. Not only are we embarrassing our country, we may not even how deep rooted this problem is and what may still be happening.”

Katongo said that it was worrying that the FIFA ruling on Mwamelo had indicated that he may have been working in collusion with other individuals who may still be out doing damage to the game.

“We now have a copy of the judgment from the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee at FIFA and in the judgment where one of our brothers, Mr Mwamelo who rose up to the position of vice president in FAZ has been banned for life. If you read between the lines and you read very well this thing appears to be deep rooted and also there is something that has been mentioned that he was doing some of these things in collaboration with other parties,” he said.

He said that investigatory wing of the FAZ Ethics Committee will get to the bottom of the scandal that involved fixing matches for money.
Katongo also said that FAZ had a responsibility to protect the image of the game.

“FAZ is constantly striving to protect the image of football, and especially what is played under its auspices, from jeopardy or harm as a result of illegal, immoral and ethical methods and practices,” he said.

And Katongo advised Zambians against glorifying wrong doers.

“Let us not glorify people who do wrong things, we want to cleanse our football and also just our country, because most of the times where we stand as a nation is normally football,” he said.
“I think this should be hurting even our patron, the President of the Republic (President Edgar Lungu) because what are people thinking of us, the last executive you have almost everyone being charged and so on. It is unfortunate we want clean business.”

And General Secretary Adrian Kashala advised clubs against dealing with banned officials.

Kashala said banned officials had no right to carry on with football business until they got cleared or served out their punishment.

On Wednesday FIFA banned former FAZ vice president Boniface Mwamelo for life from all football activities for taking bribes to fix matches.

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