Army officer ordered to pay dowry

Written by on March 20, 2019

SENIOR Boma Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono has ordered a Zambia Army officer to pay K6, 000 dowry to his mother-in-law.

This was in a case in which Enala Banda, 55 of Makeni sued Paila Mwansa, 44 for having  eloped with her daughter in 2004 and failing to pay dowry.

“Mu 2004 mwamene, tinabauza kuti baitane ba family, tinayembekeza sibenzo bwela so nina yenda kwabo, kuja aba bananiuza ati sinifunika ku bwela kuno ndaba sindine mwine wa nkhani,

“In 2004 we advised Mwansa to call his family. We waited and they did not come so I went there instead. When I went there, Mwansa told me that I was not supposed to follow him because it was not my issue,” Ms Banda stated.

She then told the court that Mwansa still failed to show up or communicate on the matter.

“Pamene tinayenda ku family yabo tinaba charja K3,000, mu ndalama izi mwenze vonse za chikwati na zokuba kaili banatengana chabe. Tina sainilana. Manje banankhala zii namaje bakalibe ku lipila olo one ngwee”

“We charged him K3, 000, this money included everything, dowry and money for elopement. We even signed on a piece of paper our agreement. But since then he has been quiet,” Ms Banda told the court.

Banda said it would appear that Mwansa would not pay because he has already settled down with her daughter and they have 5 children.

Mwansa did not deny the allegations but however told the court that when he was getting Banda’s daughter, there were some complications.

He told the court that when he first took his wife from her home, she was pregnant and the child was not his.

He also said that he did not pay because he had to settle a lot of hospital bills as she used to get sick often while she was pregnant.

He also said that he has been having financial problems because when his other child was sick, he was forced to get a loan which he still settling.

Mwansa however promised to pay her in June.

The court ordered Mwansa to pay Banda double the initial amount that he was charged for the long time that has passed.

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