Woman fined for insulting hubby’s ex-wife

Written by on March 19, 2019

A LUSAKA woman has been ordered to pay her husband’s former wife K200 for defamation of character after she called her a prostitute.

Rose Makayi, 31, of Lusaka West, was sued by Tisa Zulu, 35, of the same area.

Zulu explained that Makai is married to her former husband with whom she has one child.

She said on March 7, 2019, she called Mr. Makayi and requested to talk to his wife.

“I called him around 06: 00 hours and he told me to wait and call after a minute. After a few minutes, using my husband’s phone, I called back asking her to send food for my child. Later that morning, she started calling me but I did not pick up.

“She followed me to my house and started insulting me at the door of my house. She insulted my private parts and my husband. She said I wasn’t a woman enough and still desired her husband. She said I am a prostitute and that I should stop calling her husband,” Zulu said.

She said her request for food and child maintenance was the biggest problem with Makayi.

The two were appearing before senior Magistrates Ng’andwe Mukuka and Martha Tembo.

In her defence, Makayi said she was shocked when Zulu called to ask her to stop talking about the child on grounds that she gave birth to her alone.

“She asked me what I was talking about with her child’s teacher. I called her to resolve the problem but she didn’t pick up. I decided to go to her house so that we could discuss the education of the child because it was not good for the child to keep changing schools.

“When I arrived there we could not agree and had a serious argument. I asked her why she was continuously calling my husband and she told me that she can never stop calling him unless the child returns to her womb,” Makayi said.

She added: “I had told her to send the child direct to my house when she needed something. We started exchanging words and the neighbours came to watch and I called her a prostitute because she said my husband leaves me alone.  How can she know that he leaves me alone? Unless she is found with him when I am not around.”

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