Potato ‘thief’ failed to flee, court hears

Written by on March 16, 2019

A POLICE officer has testified that an employee who was allegedly caught stealing potatoes at his workplace failed to run away when his superior caught him in the act.

Detective Inspector Sylvester Mwamba has told Lusaka Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya that Collins Kasolo failed to flee while his accomplices managed to run away when they were found stealing 440 by 10 kilograms bags of potatoes at Galunia Farms Limited, where he was working as a forklift operator.

Mr. Mwamba, 44, of Chelstone police post, said on October 29, 2017, he was allocated a docket of theft by servant in which Galaunia Farms general manager Julian Odell reported that Kasolo and other unknown people were found with the potatoes packed in a white Hino truck, registration number BAC 8755.

He said after being apprehended, Kasolo was taken to Chelstone police post alongside the loaded truck.

“The potatoes were brought to court for disposal. I requested the accused to lead me to the crime scene at Galaunia Farms where he demonstrated where they used to park the truck and where they were getting the potatoes from the potato shed in the cold room.

“He explained how he failed to run away but his friends ran away. He even showed me the wash and dry machine where he hid. After the scene visit I recorded a warn and caution statement but he denied the charge despite being found with the truck and the potatoes,” Mr. Mwamba said.

He said Kasolo confessed to him that he was not alone but with his friends who ran away. Trial continues.

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