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After wife accused him of impotency

Andrew Mukoma writes


A LIVINGSTONE man got so angry with his wife accusing him of being impotent that he went on rampage impregnating women to prove a point and shame the woman to whom he was married for eight years without having a child.

Now he is so scared of marriage that he has vowed never to tie the knot despite having 4 children with four different women, a move that was ignited by his former wife accusing him of being impotent.

For Victor Mweela, 39, this is his way of living. The man who has four children with four different women but scared of getting married.

According to Mr Mweela, his main fear is that if he gets married, the woman who will be his wife might not be kind to his four children.

Mr. Mweela who is an entrepreneur and operates a transport business explains to the Sun about his life and intentions.

The Sun:- Sir tell us about who you are

Mweela:- Am Victor Mweela aged 39 years old and I came from Musokotwane Chiefdom. I did my education at Maramba boys and later went to St Raphael Secondary School where I finished from.

The Sun:- tell us about your life.

Mr. Mweela:- I was once married for about eight years and problems started when I was declared impotent by my wife.

In 2005, I got married to a woman whose name I won’t mention today because she belongs to another man.

We lived together for about eight years without a child and as you know, it is expected that when you get married, you should have children.

But to me this was not the case. I stayed in marriage for about eight years without a child and in the community, I became a laughing stock.

The Sun:- How did you deal with the situation?

Mr. Mweela:- For me to prove to my wife who by the time we were married had two children, I went on rampage in 2014 and I impregnated three women almost within the same time… And two of them are from Lusaka while the other one is from Livingstone.

Before that, I impregnated someone and I have a 16 year old girl and my wife did not believe it was my child.

The Sun:- How was your marriage?

Mr. Mweela:- Because of trying to prove myself as a man and know whether the problem was with me in our marriage, it cost me my marriage after I impregnated the three women and I was divorced on the pretext that I was womanizer.

After my divorce, I was a free man and I decided to go to school and am currently a student at University of Africa pursuing a degree.

The Sun:- Since you have four children from different women, why don’t you want to settle down?

Mr. Mweela:- To be honest with you, I do not have plans or intentions of getting marriage even though sometimes it crosses my mind.

My deepest fear is to have my children suffer, since I already have four children from different women, then it means that the woman I will marry will run the house.

Am afraid because the would-be wife might mistreat the four children I have already. I believe she will not accept to be married without a child.

The Sun:- What is your lesson from your experience?

Mr. Mweela:- I have learnt that in life, it is not good to be careless. Child maintenance is not an easy thing.

The Sun:- What is your advise?

Mr. Mweela:- To those who are married and those planning to get married, please let them learn to respect their marriages no matter what happens. Whether your woman cannot conceive or you can’t get her pregnant.

There is a lot of pressure out of this and it has been a burden to me because I have prioritized my children.

Today I am scared of getting married because of these children and I do not want them to suffer.

Nowadays, women are only interested in money and wealthy not that they can keep a family.. No.

My advise to all the men and to those who are still cerebrating youth day is that let us be responsible of ourselves and our families. Our conduct today will have an impact in the future.

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