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A woman in Ndola has divorced her husband of 12 years after he impregnated her sister and being involved with several other women.

She said before her sister gave birth, her husband who is a soldier, impregnated another woman.

The case involved Linda Kunda 30 who sued Derrick Lizazi 39 for divorce.

She told the court they got married in 2007 and had three children.

The case came before Chifubu Local Court presiding magistrate Besa Kalwa Mushibwe sitting with Kaala NamangolwaNyambe and Paul Kayula.

“Problems started in 2010 when my husband impregnated my sister who was staying with us,” she said.

She said her younger sister then went to live with their parents but even before she gave birth, the man impregnated another woman.

Ms Kunda explained that when her husband obtained a loan from the bank, he started spending nights away from home and would move around with different women.

She said she held on to the marriage with the hope that he would change.

Ms Kunda saideach time she confronted her husband about his behaviour, he would beat her and tells her that he was the owner of the house and could do whatever pleased him.

“We sat down as families to sort out our differences, but his mother told him that he cannot stay with me because I was a prostitute,” she said.

She added that her husband confiscated her phone saying he did not want her to be on social media.

Ms Kunda said one day she wanted to use his phone but he refused and the two started quarrelling.

He asked her parents to get her or he was going to kill her, but she quickly left him and went to live with her parents.

“Each time my parents called him to find out what his decision was concerning the marriage, he kept on saying he was busy,” she said

She said the two lived on separation for two years and that she wanted a divorce because the man had married another woman and have a child together.

Ms Kunda said her husband went for peace-keeping in Central African Republic and left a woman in the house who said she was his wife.

She said each time she called him so that they sort things out, he shouted at her and asked her to never call him again.

In his statement, Mr Lizazi said he did not want to divorce his wife because he loved her and wanted to look after the children together.

He said the problem was that the woman was always influenced by her friends to do wrong things.

Mr Lizazi told the court that in 2014 he underwent circumcision and was not well but he was shocked to discover that his wife was pregnant.

He requested that they go for a scan but she refused.

He said he then called for a family meeting but the wife failed to explain.

Mr Lizazi said when his mother attempted to talk to her, his wife got a cable and beat her.

He said his wife then left home to live with a man known as Charles, who was responsible for her pregnancy.

“When she stayed with Charles, she had a miscarriage, she pleaded with me to take her back and I did but the problem was that she continued seeing the same man,” he said.

He said the both families sat down again to sort out differences but the wife started arguing with his mother.

In passing judgement, the court dissolved the marriage on grounds that both the husband and the wife had a problem of cheating on each other.

The court ordered Mr Lizazi to compensate the former wife with K600 with the first instalment of K500 thereafter k250 per month

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