Written by on February 25, 2019

ALL ordinary shops in the Central Business District (CBD) area will be painted light grey and light brown to ensure that the city is neat and clean, says Lusaka City mayor, Miles Sampa.

According to Mr Sampa, all ordinary business owners in the CBD would have to paint their shops with the recommended uniform colours starting this year.

Last week, Mr Sampa said, LCC sent out letters to shop owners to remind them of the exercise.

He was speaking in an interview in Lusaka.

“Well, it is just the beginning, we just offered that reminder and guidelines last week, the old guidelines always said that they need to repaint at least once a year and we have seen they have not been doing that.

“Traditionally it was done towards independence celebrations where the city was made to look clean, so I am just reminding them about this,” he said.

On companies with own brands, Mr Sampa said institutions such as Zesco would be allowed to stick to their brand colours.

Mr Sampa explained that the authority would grand permission where there was a genuine reason to maintain brand colours.

“Instead of having all funny manner of  colours all over the city, we are recommending that we use uniform paints, light grey and light brown so that the city looks organised and neat everywhere.

“Where there is need to run away from recommended colours and give genuine reasons, we will be authorising them. Those will be authorised but as for ordinary shops in Kamwala , Cairo road, Cha Cha, Freedom and  Lumumba, those will have to adhere to the recommended colours,” Mr Sampa said.

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