Hubby demands K133, 000 refund

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A TRAUMATISED Lusaka businessman has sued a Zesco employee for allegedly impregnating his wife while she was undergoing marital refresher counseling.

Wilson Simwanza, 40, of house number 13 off Vubu Road in Emmasdale, has also sued his wife Mirriam Kazembe as a second defendant; and is claiming from the two a refund of K133, 500 being the total cost he spent on his wedding with her.

To worsen Mr. Simwanza’s trauma, mental torture and anguish, Kazembe has confessed allowing Kelvis Akapelwa, who is reportedly a married man, to impregnate her on grounds that she did not love her husband from the first instance.

In his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court dated February 20, 2019, Mr. Simwanza said Akapelwa had an affair with Kazembe, resulting in her pregnancy.

He said on December 23, 2017 he married Kazembe and their marriage was sanctified at Ikumbilo View Lodge on Mzilikazi Road near Buseko Market.

According to the receipt seen by the Sun, Mr. Simwanza spent K81, 900 on hiring the conference hall, buffet, soft drinks, and beer, and another colossal amount on transport, bringing the total amount to K133, 500.

Before the wedding, he had to fork out K14, 000 for Kazembe’s hand in marriage.

“Her family told me that they did not have money to contribute towards the wedding and that I would remove their shame if I funded the wedding. I was then forced to sell my Toyota Land Cruiser and my Toyota Prado just to raise the money,” he said.

He said a few months into the marriage, Kazembe started showing signs of infidelity and lost respect for him.

“She would leave home on the pretext that she was going to buy chips and the moment she stepped out of the yard, she would switch off her phone. She would then come back home after 22:00 hours on grounds that she had gone for prayers and that she was not feeling well; but looking at her dressing, it was not fit for someone coming from prayers.

“I started receiving reports from her own friends and relatives that they had seen her with other men. I later sat with elders and it was agreed that she goes back for refresher marriage counselling. Little did I realise that I had given her more freedom to misbehave,” Mr. Simwanza lamented.

He said it was during this period that he discovered that Kazembe had allegedly been impregnated by Akapelwa, adding that she even registered the latter as her husband on her antenatal card among her medical records Mr. Simwanza obtained from the clinic.

He added that he even discovered Akapelwa’s photos in Kazembe’s phone.

“The plaintiff therefore has suffered trauma and mental torture due to the defendants’ unreasonable behaviour which has now resulted into the dissolution of marriage between the plaintiff and the second defendant.

“The plaintiff now claims the following against the defendants: a refund of K133, 500 being the total cost he spent for solemnization of the said marriage; damages for loss of marriage at the instance of the first defendant, damages for mental torture, anguish, and trauma suffered by the plaintiff. Costs and any further order of the court it may deem fit.”

And in a printout of some of the text messages Kazembe sent Mr. Simwanza, she asked him not to sue Akapelwa because that would put her in trouble since she knew that she was a married woman but allowed him to impregnate her.

“Even though you take that man (Kelvis Akapelwa) to court you will also put me in trouble coz I betrayed you as well. It’s not like I love him or I’m defending him am not, it’s for our own good that we let him be, by the way he’s not a killer coz he has never killed anyone.

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend I decided to date him because he’s mature and he’s giving me all the good time I need and he’s a real man who knows how to handle a woman…”

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