Marriage ends over `poop’

Written by on February 20, 2019


A MAN in Ndola has pleaded with the court to dissolve his marriage accusing his wife of excessing beer drinking to the extent of defecating in her clothes on a regular basis and leaving children to clean up after.

Jubeck Ngandwe 57 of Kabushi Extension sent the audience and the court into utter shock when he revealed that his wife soils herself with solid waste and this brings embarrassment to his family

He narrated before the court that he married Mwenya Maluti 34, of the same township in 2003 and the two had two children.

Mr Ngandwe said from the time he married her he has never known peace in his life as she drinks a lot.

He told the court that whenever he tried to reason with her, she would insult and beat him.

He said he had asked her to choose between marriage and alcohol but she told him she could not stop taking alcohol, insisting that the time he married her she was drinking.

The case came before Kabushi local court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye sitting with Evelyn Nalwizya.

He said his wife usually comes back home messed up in her clothes with solid human waste.

Mr Ngabwe said one day she failed to go to the toilet but helped herself in the living room and then asked the children to clean up her mess.

This, he said, has caused embarrassment to him and his family.

“Currently she has chased my mother who used to live with us and one of my children accusing them of reporting whatever she did to me. My mother has known no peace with this woman until she left,” he said.

He said he was tired of living with her and that she did nothing for him at home and that only the children cooked for him and did all the house chores.

Mr Ngabwe added that they do not share the same bed.

In her defence, Ms Maluti said she continued drinking because when her husband went to work in Solwezi, his sister told her that he was living with another woman.

She said since he retired in 2017, he got his pension including money from National Pension Scheme Authority and that she had not seen any of his money.

She told the court that each times she asks about the matter, he claims that the money was in the bank.

Ms Maluti said her husband had refused to pay dowry until both her parents passed away but he kept on giving her children.

She said her husband took her when she was 18 years without paying anything and that he did the same with four of his ex- wives.

Ms Maluti said she loved her husband although he wanted to get rid her and that since 2017 the two had never shared the bed.

“He can take me wherever he wants, and even if God came down to tell me to leave his house, I can never leave. I will continue living in his house until I am old,” she said.

In passing judgment the court dismissed the case on grounds that the two were not married but were merely cohabiting.

“The court cannot dissolve a marriage because you two are not married but just lived together since dowry was not paid.”

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