Brother sues sister over administration of family estates

Written by on February 19, 2019


A CHOMA woman who refused to step down as administrator alleging that she does everything required of her, has been told to step aside from her duties with immediate effect by the Chelstone Local Court.

This is a case in which Esther Mvula, 51, of Choma was appearing  before Chelstone senior local court Magistrate Charity Milambo in a matter in which she was sued by her brother Paye Mvula, 44, of Chelstone in Lusaka.

Esther has refused to step down as an administrator claiming she did everything as required of her and wondered why she had been brought to court.

She told court that she could not step down because she had done a lot for the family and still had projects to finish up.

Paye sued Esther on allegation that she had lamentably failed to carry out her duties as administrator and that it was high time she was replaced.

He told court that his sister had to be removed because ever since she was selected in 2009 she had done nothing to point at.

“My sister has been an administrator for about 10 years now and has failed in her duties. She usually takes things in her own hands without informing us as family.

“We have houses which our parents left us, and are on rent. Tenants complain every time because of her unruly behaviour, some say they have never known peace ever and all they want is to shift to other peaceful places,” he complained.

Paye told court that Esther had benefited alone as if she was the only child in the family.

 He also said that she even created an account (Airtel money) in her name where she was depositing money without the concerns or knowledge of the family.

“We have never held a meeting ever since she was selected, what kind of administration is that?” he asked.

In defence, Esther said that the reason why her brother wanted her to step down was because he had never been in support of her being an administrator.

Esther’s witnesses Grace Mvula and Monica Mvula   said they had seen nothing wrong with her because they have been benefiting and wanted her to continue.

In submission, Paye told court that all he wanted was his sister to step down so that they could choose another administrator to avoid arguments and complications.

The court ordered Esther to step down with immediate effect and to handover everything to someone new as soon as possible.

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