Gang terror on the rise (Pictures)

Written by on February 13, 2019


LUSAKA’S Misisi and Zanimuone residents are living in fear of gangs terrorizing their areas and have appealed for police reinforcement.

One Misisi resident is admitted to the Unversity Teaching Hospital after  being attacked and maimed by the gang.

Another resident, Enock Kapanga, 29 years, was yesterday  discharged from  UTH but remains traumatized and failing to walk properly after some of his toes and fingers were chopped off.

Enock, who hails from Copperbelt, was attacked on Friday around 22:00 hours when he was going to his sister’s place within Misisi.

He is unable to walk properly and has asked for assistance in form of  clutches, money for drugs and food. He barely manages to walk to the toilet which is  located outside.

The unfinished building used by the gang as a hideout: Picture by Moses sinjwala

Brazen attacks against members of the public, whether day or night are common, the residents Misisi and Zanimuone complained.

The residents said Misisi police have advised them to ensure all visitors to the area are notified about the gang activities so that they are conscious of personal security.

The gang has also been targeting school children and grabbing personal items from them in broad day light.

The TV which led the occupants to be beaten because it wasn’t a plasma TV: Picture by Moses Sinjwala

Misisi residents said Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri has promised to dispatch a team of officers to bring the situation under control.

Two residents yesterday went to Police to complain about the continued attacks.

Meanwhile, a group of armed thieves have gone on rampage in Zani Muone area, north of Lusaka, robbing residents of their money and household goods.

Residents are reported to be living in fear after three houses were broken into, in a space of one month.

One of the affected victims Ms, Lungowe Sikota, narrated to the Lusaka Sun that on January 30  a group of men armed with a pistol and iron bars broke into their house demanding to see her mother who at that time had escaped through the window, together with her two siblings.

The light bulb that was blown up the thieves in order to avoid being identified in Zani Munone area: Picure by Moses Sinjwala

Ms Sikota said the thieves who were more than five, also beat her up to force her to disclose where her mother was hiding money.

She said upon realizing that some members of the family had escaped from the house, the robbers quickly went away with a plasma TV, phones and other household goods and undisclosed amount of money.

Ms Sikota appealed to the Zambia police to be patrolling the area because the   nearest police post is in Chazanga and Kabangwe which were not of much help owing to the long distance.

Another victim Ms Mary Zyambo said that the thugs hide in nearby unfinished houses and sometimes in a school building, called Kanjelezi, whose doors have been pulled down by thieves to make it a safe haven for themselves.

She explained that residents are now living in fear because they are forced to be indoors by 20.00 hours, without knowing what will happen to them afterwards.

She observed that the thugs had taken advantage of the police absence in the area to carry out their evil activities.

Ms Zyambo further said that despite the residents reporting the recent break ins to the police, nothing has been done to protect them.

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