`My husband bed-wets every night`

Written by on February 6, 2019


A NDOLA housewife has complained in a local court that she has endured a troubled marriage at the hands of her husband, whom she has accused of bed-wetting since they got married in 2001.

The woman pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage, insisting that she could not cope with her husband`s bed-wetting habit, which occurs on a daily basis.

Mary Tembo, 31 of house number 3053B Chifubu Township has sued her husband Evans Banda, 39, on grounds that he has been bed wetting from 2001.

The two got married in 2001 and have three children.

She narrated in court that she had been lying to neighbours each time she was hanging the beddings on the line that her children had a problem of bed-wetting, when in fact it was her husband.

“I am tired of pretending and lying  each time he bed-wets. I have to wash or hang beddings almost four days in a week and I am fed up with this routine,” she said.

Ms Tembo said she had tried going for prayers over his situation but there was no change and that she could not continue living with a bed-wetting husband anymore.

She said the situation was torturing her physically and mentally.

In his defence, Mr Banda said his wife had no respect and disclosed matrimonial “secrets” to her friends and neighbours.

“Even when I have not bed wetted, each time I am passing, I do hear neighbours gossiping about me concerning my situation,” he said.

Mr Banda pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage and hoped that his wife would stop disclosing embarrassing information to other people.

He said there he would be comfortable if only his wife kept all family secrets instead of embarrassing him in the neighbourhood. In passing judgment, Local Court presiding magistrate Celestine Musema said she could not grant divorce as dowry was not paid in full and instead urged the couple to seek counselling

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