LWSC water meters case of poor planning

Written by on February 3, 2019

WE wish to advise LWSC to change its strategies in collecting revenue from is clients by switching to pre-paid meters are the best as opposed to the traditional billing way of conducting its business .

A client checks his or her account on pre-paid meter because immediately funds are exhausted they are forced to look money to continue enjoying services.

Take a leaf from ZESCO Limited. Its pre-paid meters are working perfectly than the post-paid system being used by LWSC. 

LWSC should learn from ZESCO Limited which in fact covers the entire country while LWSC covers Lusaka only and it is failing to collect its revenue adequately because of poor planning.  You bill people on 10th of every month and on 21st LWSC starts ringing its clients to pay for water.

I think this is ridiculous and time wasting on part of the water utility firm.

It is advisable then to install pre-paid meters in order to collect its revenue effectively instead of ringing its clients every day.

ZESCO is performing better than any other company in Zambia. It has best managers who help the CEO in running the giant parastatal.

It has experienced senior managers in purchasing department. And LWSC cannot go wrong with this pre-paid metering idea.

Can LWSC pull up its socks in managing this company? Please get advice from ZESCO on what kind meter boxes are to be installed.

Do away with your old billing system. It will take centuries for LWSC to make profits if it will continue with its billing system.


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