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THE killing of an Isoka man by unknown people makes sad reading and we hope that police would investigate the matter with the seriousness it deserves.

It is frightening to learn that a man could be killed in such a manner and for no reason.

Rather than let the matter cause insecurity in the area, we would implore police to investigate and ensure culprits are prosecuted.

The reported gunning down of an Isoka man in Muchinga Province by unknown people  does not make any sense at all.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase reported that Shadrick Chabinga, 52, a farmer of Kazilamawe village in Chief Kafwimbi’s area, was murdered by unknown people around 19.00hours on January 28.

Mr Njase said the brother of the deceased, Titus Chabinga, 45, of the same village, told police that his older brother was murdered by unknown people using a homemade gun (muzzle loader).

So far, the only offence Mr Chabinga appeared to have committed it would seem, was to visit the home of his late second wife to see his children.

Nevertheless, Police in Isoka should not rest until the people behind Mr Chabinga’s killing are brought to book and make it clear that people’s security was assured.

People need to feel secure as they venture into normal every day activities which sometimes may take them far in the bush.

It would be sad if farmers stopped going to their farms for fear of attacks from suspected killers.

Zambia is governed by rules and regulations and those who think they can take the law in their own hands with impunity deserve no mercy, and Police should be on top of this Isoka senseless murder for fairness and justice.

The residents in that village should an idea of people owning such type of guns and should be able to assist police with investigations.

The loss of life is not something that should just be shoved aside. Let justice prevail for all.

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