Savage wife divorced

Written by on January 26, 2019

Lucy Phiri writes

Lusaka man has divorced his wife for turning him into a punching bag.

David Banda, 37, of Kalingalinga compound was appearing before Chelstone Senior local court Magistrate Charity Milambo, in a matter in which he sued Esnart Shawa, 27, of the same area.

Banda had sued Milambo for divorce on allegations that she beats him and always threatens to kill him whenever they have marital disputes.

He told the court that Milambo fights him each time they have misunderstandings and also accuses him of sleeping out with girlfriend.

“On one occasion, my wife pulled my trousers saying she wanted to check my manhood if at all I had slept with a girl that day.”

He sued the wife because he was fed up of her savage actions and the only way out was to part company. The Chelstone local court dismissed the case due to the fact that the plaintiff did not pay dowry and that the two were just  cohabiting

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